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Mateo Clarke

What I Learned Yesterday - "This" is confusing

Every day at AcademicWorks, the Engineering Team has a Dev Sync where we share something we learned from the day before. Often times we’ll hear about some new movie, a cool Kickstarter project, or an interesting ruby gem. Our VP of Engineering has issued a challenge to our team: Whoever can teach something they learned from the day before that is 1) technical in nature and 2) directly related to our work for 20 consecutive days will win a prize. Here is what I learned yesterday…

In Javascript, this is confusing

this is a special variable in Javascript because its available everywhere.

It can be used in:

  • functions
  • outside functions (in the top-level scope)
  • in a string passed to eval()

What I learned

One of the benefits to using strict mode in javascript is that if you make a mistake using this, strict mode assigns this to undefined instead of the global object (window in the browser).

Example pitfall

  • If you forget the keyword new when invoking a constructor function, this could be assigned to the global object if you were in “sloppy mode”.

##More reading:
- JavaScript’s “this”: how it works, where it can trip you up