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Mateo Clarke


portrait of me

I am a Front End Engineer at AcademicWorks, where I work to enhance the user experience of scholarship software that matches students with opportunities so they can afford their education.

I am also the Director of Civic Hacking at OpenAustin, a Code For America Brigade that has two main goals:

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Beyond pushing pixels and shipping code, I have a few hobbies and interests:

  • I play music, mostly on my fiddle.
  • Me and my wife, Laura, grow food in our backyard and we try to keep our three cats happy.
  • I read books about economics, foreign policy, technology, and adventure.
  • I speak Spanish & Portuguese with varying degrees of confidence.
  • I’ve played, watched, and breathed soccer since I could speak. Amo o jogo bonito.
  • I cheer for my San Antonio Spurs.
  • I love breakfast tacos as much as life itself.

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